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Results-Driven Psychotherapy

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Addictions Therapy

Addictions therapy is a specialized type of psychotherapy often requiring a Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC), particularly for moderate to severely intense addictions. There are three major types of addictions: substances, processes, and relational addictions. Some addictions include; alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription drugs; internet, gambling, shopping; prostitutes, escort services, phone, and internet sexual addiction.

A careful assessment is conducted in the first three sessions at Maudlin & Associates that includes: the addiction history(frequency, intensity, and duration) as well as strategies that have failed previously. Often a combination of individual, couples, and/or family therapy is part of the successful treatment outcome.

Adolescent Therapy

Adolescent therapy is a specialized form of individual therapy provided by licensed professionals who specialize in and have extensive experience working with children and teens. Parental consents and clinical updates are part of the therapeutic work. Typical issues that arise for adolescents include: identity and peer issues, school issues, anxiety, depression, performance anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts/gestures, cutting, and divorce-related adjustment.

Adolescent therapy is focused on target treatment goals established between the teen, parent, and clinician. Teen therapy is often time-limited (six to twelve months) according to the severity of the clinical issue. Adolescent therapy directs the process of re-forging the lines of communication that can dramatically improve the parent-teen relationship and create positive behavioral change.

Maudlin & Associates offers three types of teen therapy groups at various points during the year. All groups are focused and time-limited (6-8 sessions) with the same clinician and are usually 6-8 in size:

This group is usually court ordered through probation but also consists of teens motivated to change their substance habits and develop new social and coping skills.

This group is designed specifically for teaching impulse control, organizational, and social skills for children or teens diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

This is a voluntary group often referred to by the individual therapist for higher functioning teens to have a place to process issues such as peer pressure, developing a peer support network, coping strategies, and college/vocational interests.

This half day workshop is designed for high performance teens and/or any teen experiencing anxiety and stress. The goal of the workshop is to create a lifestyle program that will enable the teen to cope more effectively with stress through biofeedback techniques and lifestyle assessment/management.

Maudlin and Associates

Bilingual Therapy

Bilingual therapy involves individual, marital, group, or family therapy with a bicultural therapist. The bicultural therapist at Maudlin & Associates speaks fluently in Spanish and can address a Hispanic client’s emotional concerns within their cultural perspective. We also provide counseling for individuals from European, Asian, and African-American backgrounds with cultural sensitivity and respect.

Child/Play Therapy

For children (ages 4 to 11) “talk therapy” tends not to be as effective as therapy that involves activity; such as experiential therapy, play therapy, and art therapy. These forms of therapy allow symbolic expression of internal conflicts as well as live practice at new coping strategies. Some common child therapy issues include: ADD/ADHD, behavioral issues, attachment disorder, Asperger’s syndrome, autism, depression, anxiety, and sleep disturbance. Our experienced child specialists can provide both testing and treatment for most childhood therapeutic issues.

Maudlin and Associates
Maudlin and Associates

Divorce Therapy

Divorce therapy is a process that precedes, parallels, and/or follows the legal process of divorce. Divorce is an emotionally devastating experience for everyone involved in the process – parents and children alike, regardless of age. Therapy is an invaluable resource in supporting the emotional and psychological well-being of both adults and children affected by divorce. Divorce therapy jump starts the healing process by providing specific expertise and strategies unique to the divorce experience allowing the clients to move more quickly through the troubled time and to find a new peace.

EMDR Therapy

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) is a highly specialized therapeutic intervention that is designed to treat symptoms caused by abuse, trauma, PTSD, and a wide range of pathologies. It uses an eight-phase approach: attending to the patient’s past, their present situation, and positive elements needed to enhance future mental health. It is often used to overcome the effects of disturbing memories and past traumas. EMDR can be a helpful tool in overcoming memories of abuse, PTSD, and moving the client toward an emotionally healthy future.

Maudlin and Associates
Maudlin and Associates

Family Therapy

Family therapy is psychotherapy that evaluates and treats the family as a whole. Family therapy is designed to improve the way a family functions, and to stimulate personal growth in individual members. Family dynamics have an enormous impact on mental health; by focusing on these dynamics, family therapy provides an opportunity to enhance communication, conflict-resolution, and encourage positive change within the family unit.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy, or “talk therapy,” is a process whereby a client experiencing psychological difficulties meets weekly for a fifty-minute session with a clinician. The first 1-3 sessions are for assessment, to gain background information about the presenting problem, to establish a treatment plan and to assess the rapport between the client and therapist. The plan is reviewed in the third session and then sessions are focused on targeted cognitive, behavioral, and existential change to enhance life. The length of treatment is often established at the treatment planning session and reviewed as treatment gains are realized.

Maudlin and Associates

Marital Therapy

Marital therapy is psychotherapy specifically designed for married couples, which aims to enhance communication and overcome relationship hurdles. This form of therapy is very active, directive, and targets learning new communication and conflict-resolution skills. Often valuable insights into oneself propel couples to acquire new and practical strategies to manage and improve their relationship.

Marital assessment is often a part of the marital therapy process. Interviews, questionnaires, and objective personality tests are combined to form an in-depth picture of the individual and couple strengths and growth edges. Assessment jump-starts the therapy process and provides targeted treatment recommendations. Maudlin and Associates offers both marital and premarital assessment tools.

It will facilitate deep insight into the values, beliefs, and desires of both partners, while also focusing on communication and providing an opportunity to discuss potential sources of conflict. Couples identify their strengths as a couple and areas to keep an eye on for future growth. Sessions are time-limited – typically 6-8 and often involve a psychological assessment tool. The support of a knowledgeable professional providing clear guidance and feedback during this exciting time is an invaluable resource. Statistically couples that engage in premarital therapy have a lower risk for divorce.

Psychological Testing

Several types of psychological testing are offered at Maudlin & Associates. We offer testing to diagnose psychological problems, identify ADD/ADHD, assess for gastric bypass surgery, and evaluate potential adoptive parent candidates. We test both adults and children. Assessment is individually tailored to address the questions the client wants answered as well as providing key treatment recommendations according to the results.

Testing involves a face-to-face consultation with a clinical psychologist, paper/pencil tests, and online testing. The psychologist then meets with the client to review a written report summarizing the test results and make plans for treatment. In addition, consultation with school personnel, psychiatrists, family practice doctors, or other clinicians is part of the process.

Are provided for children, adolescents, and adults. Interviews, comprehensive school/home history, and paper/pencil tests are completed by the identified client and others in the home and work/school environment. A written report is provided to the client, family, and any key constituents.

Are provided for parents in the process of adopting a child. This evaluation consists of interviews and objective personality testing. This information is synthesized into a clinical report provided to the adoption agency requesting the evaluation.

Consist of an interview and objective personality testing provided by a licensed clinical psychologist to determine if an obese patient is psychologically fit and prepared to engage in gastric bypass surgery.

Are provided for children, adolescents, and adults. Interviews, comprehensive history, and standardized tests are integrated into a clinical report. Testing provides a differential diagnosis, personality features, psychological patterns, and coping strategies to secure a highly attuned treatment plan for therapy.

Maudlin and Associates

Stress Management Biofeedback

Stress management, or biofeedback training, is a time-limited treatment that involves training individuals to more effectively manage the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of their being. Emphasis on skill-building to reduce blood pressure, improve sleep, reduce irritation, and improve attention and concentration are at the heart of biofeedback training. Stress management is offered in two formats; both in an individual therapy format and in a group seminar training format. Stress management is effective both for high-performance teens and for overstressed adults and is offered for both client groups.