Navigating Life’s Turning Points

Psychological Services for You and Your Family

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Navigating Life’s Turning Points

Psychological Therapy for You and Your Family

Empowering Families to Achieve Better Mental Health

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Navigating Life's Turning Points

Life has many twists and turns. Sometimes a person gets lost in a stormy place in life and needs strong and knowledgeable guidance to get to safety. Other times a minor course correction or strategic shift in direction from a caring professional can right the path and bring peace.

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Letting Go

By Karen L. Maudlin | May 26, 2020

“I’m having trouble letting my three boys go out on their own. They are still young, but I see their friends staying home alone or walking to other friends’ houses. What kind of guidelines should I use to give them a little more freedom?” A. While moving our children toward independence is one of the central…

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Summer Tip

By Maudlin and Associates | May 26, 2020

This month, spend some time outside. Enjoy the warm weather and greenery outside. Together, sun and plants can bring important peace and calm to your life.


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